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 Parental and Young Person Consent Form

This form is to be signed by the Legal Guardian of a young person under the age of 16, together with the young person. It provides permission for images of the young person to be used. Please note that if you have more than one child under the age of 16 registered with the Club you will need to complete a separate form for each young person.

Ryton and District Angling Club recognises the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all young people in Angling. As part of our commitment to ensure the safety of young people we will not permit photographs, video images or other images of young people to be taken or used without the consent of the parents/carers and the young person.

Ryton and District Angling Club will take steps to ensure these images are used solely for the purposes they are intended, which is the promotion and celebration of its activities. If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately, you should inform the Club’s Secretary immediately on 07715676264 or e-mail

The information will only be used on the Club website on

If at any time either the parent / carer or the young person wishes the data to be removed from the website 7 days notice must be given to the Secretary after which the data will be removed.


Please DOWNLOAD, complete and return this form

RADAC – Photo Consent Form